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6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business’ Security

6 Ways to Improve Your Small Business’ Security

Do you run a small business and still consider your business, not in need of any strong security? Then, dear readers let me tell you, you are not the only one here. Like you, there are many more small businessmen who also don’t think for the security much. As they still believe that who will want to rob lighter pockets and small corporations.

But I have witnessed it myself that nowadays small businesses are more being robbed and hacked by the criminals because of fewer security reasons. For a reason, I have said, ‘hacked’ too as Online Business is the new key to be more successful in less time. Businesses were first meant to be run offline only, but today because of the highly developed and easy to access and promote Internet era, every business is in the race of marketing its products offline as well as online, which thus leads to cyber security of your business as well. Online services provided by you to your costumers can be manipulated because of the same reason. Moreover, your online recharges, transactions can also be hacked easily if not secured properly.

Thus to all the small businessmen there, it’s high time to set up tight security your business and upgrade it time to time. Because no matter whether you’re an Ambani, Bill Gates or one who runs a very small shop in the town, security is a must.

Here are six simple ways to improve security for your small businesses so that your business remains free from any threat:

  1. Upgrade Physical Locks With The Digital Ones: Nowadays, technology has taken a different shape. Everything around is being digitized. So why not our locks? As Biometrics has broach into our society, it becomes much easier to safeguard our property. Where physical locks are much easier to be cracked, also breaking a digital lock needs a good knowledge of the technology. Thus, this restricts the number of robbers for your business. But keep track of the people whom you share the keys with.


  1. Have A Regular Check On The Infrastructure: Doing proper maintenance of your working area is also a key feature to have good security for your business. Doors and windows should be checked from time to time to remain free from any damage. Moreover, the safe where you keep all your essential documents related to your business, online recharge should be maintained with strong security. Having cameras will also help in maintaining security to a better extent.


  1. Have A Detailed Record Of Your Employees: I have found that in most of the cases the insiders are more likely to harm your business than the outsiders. As they know almost everything about the place and the online business services. Thus, because of this reasons, the robbers or hackers many-a-times seek help from the insiders to break the security by asking for my critical data. So, keeping an eye on your employees is also must. Maintain a complete record of every single person you hire or work with.


  1. Set Strong Passwords For The Online Business: Setting up an online business may seem easier today, but its maintenance takes outstanding efforts. The more and more trend for the cashless society which may sound exciting or more comfortable and no doubt it is has made cyber security also a significant issue. Online transactions can easily be hacked with a sound knowledge of hacking. Thus, training your employees is much essential now for the online businesses. You should also update your computers and passwords time to time so that your business remains less vulnerable.



  1. Have Few Reliable Employees For The Online Business: Not every employee of yours should have access to your keys for the Online Business. Limit access to your business. This will lessen the threat of damage to your business. Unauthorized access to your data and property will make your business appeal more to be hacked. Thus, having a reliable group of employees is very important regarding security.


  1. Always Have Backup Plans: Not always but few-a-times, the biometrics may fail to protect your business from the damage or your reliable group of employees may betray you, thus having a backup plan is very important. Always have a backup of your data with relevant documents to a place not known by anyone. Have dual security setups for your private data of the online services you offer.

So, implementing security for your small businesses online and offline may cost some good amount of money, but it will keep your business out of reach from the criminals.

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Written by Anuj Patel

Anuj Patel, Working in one of leading Sri Lanka’s e-commerce website, providing an uninterrupted solution of DTH Connection recharge for Indian and Sri Lankan users. And i am also music lover and love writes blogs for technology related blogs.


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