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Motivation on Personal Growth

Motivation on Personal Growth


It is saddening but quite true that the most common source of change in people’s lives is pain. Having flunked grades against your is normally an eye opener that you need to study. Being in debt points to us our inability to have sufficient income and should think about it. Humiliating experiences make us gain courage and stand for ourselves, so as to avoid future embarrassments. A bitter experience, your friend’s appalling story, a motivating book or an awesome movie; can act as the most appropriate sources of motivation to improve ourselves.

The negatives we go through in life are countless, but we can still stay motivated.  

Achieve your goals. All your achievable goals need to be achieved and nothing should stand in your way to stop you. Avoid negative people as much as possible. There is a famous story of a man who met a stranger who was about to throw himself off a bridge into the river. His reason was that he had too many problems to bear. The good friend stopped him, consoling him not to proceed but tell him the problems and he would offer a hand. After listening to the stressed man, he got up and walked to the edge of the bridge and told the stranger, “Let us jump into the river together!” Other people’s negativity do not motivate you but bury you into misery.

Do not give up and do not dare give in. The great story on the invention of the electric bulb stands as a true inspiration. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before coming up with the invention that will never cease to be used. Had he stopped at his 999th time who knows; would you have invented the bulb? At least I know I would have let the world to be in the dark, how about you? You know better, don’t let your motivation go.

Enjoy what you do even if you do not like what you do. Work like you do not need the money, dance as if nobody’s watching, love like you never knew heartbreaks exist and learn as if you will live eternally. Your motivation thrives when you are happy.

Family and Friends. These are the greatest social treasures. Family is the only thing in the world you can call your own; man is not an island and will thus depend on others. You therefore need your friends. Keep these two close, they are a great source of motivation and inspiration.

Give more than someone expects. This is a real demonstration of motivation. Over deliver, give more than you are expected to offer. It is also rewarding.

Hold onto your dreams, do not let them go. They are as small and glitter like the stars but they are not as small as one might think. There are stars which are bigger than the sun, and this can only be realized when you get closer to them. The same applies to your dreams, hang on them and your motivation will lead you to the realization their magnitude when you get close to them.

Ignore destruction and persons who would destroy you. Be full of yourself and do not let people to get the best of you. Keep away from poisonous people and let your motivation replace them with those who love to hear about growth and success.

Just stay as you were created, be yourself. You are the key to success. On the other hand, the key to failure is trying to please everyone else;  but your success will be a motivation to others as well.

Open your eyes. See things in two ways, think both. Do not just think of how you would want things to be, but go further and think of how they should be.

Practice. You know it as good as I do, practice makes perfect. Motivation is about practice. It gives you the chance to learn repertoire as well as how to recover from committed mistakes.

Quitters never won a battle and will never win; winners never quit. Each person therefore have their fate in their hands – to be a quitter or a winner. It entirely depends on you. Motivation leads you to winning.

Readiness. Be ready for anything. We occasionally hear a small voice from within telling us to begin before others come and try making us do things. Motivation is about readiness. There was no rain when Noah built the ark.

Stop postponing and do whatever you ought to do now. You will have no motivation when you keep procrastinating.

Take control of yourself first. Self discipline and self control are found on all carpets of motivation to success. The two are major factors to self improvement.

Understand those you interact with. A good actor should be a good listener as well.

Learn how to listen and understand first, then you can be understood.

Visualization. Visualize your goal. Your motivation is stale without a vision. It is like a boat on dry land.

Want your goal more than anything else. You should believe in your dreams. When you believe you are entangling the roots of your efforts to motivation and self improvement.

X Factor makes the difference between you and others. A motivated person tends to put “extras” in life, for instance extra time for those you treasure, extra help to those who need it, etc.

You are original, you are unique. You do not have a duplicate in this world. Even your identical twin has some differences from you. Your creator already gave you this motivation.  Treasure your existence because I belief you do not know of another life where you will such a chance.

Zero down to your dreams. They are the biggest jackpots you will ever hit!

What factors do you think really influence our motivation levels as a human being, share with us and assist someone.

What do you think?

Written by Mister Lagopus

Over the years Jeffrey Howard has since worked on many blue-chip brands including Nissan, British Telecom, The AA and now working at link as a marketing adviser, and you can always read my articles, for example How to Checker essay. I’m super passionate about helping others live life with more freedom and flexibility, and a bit of travel thrown in for good measure.



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