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10 Must Have Apps for your laptop

Buying a laptop becomes a necessity if you’re a writer, blogger, work at a start-up company or for carrying out your research work. However, having a laptop alone isn’t going to be that useful unless you have certain applications installed to make your day-to-day use of it easier.

The Internet is flooded with a million apps. Having the right one is the key to be smart at work. If you manage to have the best apps, your laptop can work like your personnel assistant. And who doesn’t want to have an effective and efficient assistant? 

Below, I’ve listed down the top 10 apps every laptop user should have. These are very useful apps. 

1. Read it later is an app that has been developed to allow you to visit certain web pages later. You can access these pages from an offline mode and comes in handy especially if you don’t have Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

2. Connectify is very useful especially if you want to convert your laptop or phone as a hotspot device. This comes in handy when you’re flying or travelling by metro or trains and even busses.

3. YouTube Downloader allows you to download and save videos on YouTube to avoid the horrendous process if streaming videos over and over again. If you need a boost of entertainment then this is your go-to application.

4. Prey is a famous app worldwide used to detect a stolen or missing laptop or phone. With the help of Prey you get to turn on certain features of the missing device which makes it easier for you to locate it.

5. Eraser is a great app if you want to remove unwanted or unnecessary files/folders or any other information. If you want to sell your laptop on e-bay or Flipkart or any other medium, it’s wise to use Eraser to remove any and all traces of your files and information so that it doesn’t bite you in the arse later on.

6. Log Me In Hamachi helps you set up your own virtual Private network. This means you create a secure network to surf the web whenever you’re exposed to free Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

7. BattCursor is an application that displays your laptop’s current battery life. You can customize it and it is also free to download.

8. DropBox is a highly sought after app that allows one to upload videos, files, documents, PDFs, images and many other things onto a platform that stores it for you until future reference. You are allotted certain free space and it is free but if you wish to use up more space you can opt for the premium option.

9. Free Download Manager is a great tool used to speed up your downloading time and it also resumes paused downloads when you are only provided with limited access time in cafes.

10. IObit technology is a great tech support system that helps diagnose and fix problems on your laptop or PC. If you can’t find immediate tech support help then this Is your savior in time of need.

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Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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