10 Best Photo Editors For MAC That You Must Try

Thanks to high-end camera phones that everyone now can click beautiful pictures. But it’s a common human tendency to always expect a bit more, that’s why they go for photo editors to make their clicks more charismatic. But to decide between various photo editing programs is really a tough ask. Therefore, to make your search a bit simpler we have summed up top 10 best photo editors for mac. Although Mac already has Photos App that you can use to edit your images but if you are looking something sturdy then you must go to a dedicated photo editor.

DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is one of the most preferred photo editors in Mac that was previously known as DxO OpticsPro. You can use its Auto Mask feature to enhance your portraits and Graduated filter to improve your landscape photos. Also, its Automatic repair tools help you in removing all the unneeded stuff from your images with just a single click. Moreover, the noise that is quite common in photos can be easily removed by this app using Prime denoising technology and that too without losing any details and original colors. So, in short, a powerful tool that transforms all your pictures like the way you always wish to.


Lightroom that is basically a part of Adobe Creative Cloud plan is another photo editing tool for the one who has their passion for photography. This cloud-based photo editor gives you a complete liberty to edit your images anywhere from the world. The space of 1 TB that is provided by the app on signup really helps you to save all your original as well as edited images to store over the cloud. This simple to use app has a number of sliders and filters for making a selection from to create the desired image. And guess what more you can showcase your edited images to the entire world by directly posting them to social websites. So, if you are looking for a photo editor that provides you a freedom of editing the images from anywhere in the world then surely Lightroom suits your needs.

Affinity Photo

An app that is very much loved by the professionals due to its vivid features. This powerful app has all those features that can make your images a masterpiece. The app not only provides support for unlimited layers but also help you in resizing layers without any compromise in the original quality. Moreover, if you are the one that prefers to add effects to your photos then this photo editor includes a huge collection of effects like lightning, shadows, blur etc. The app also has complete support for Photoshop so that you can directly import and edit all the files of Photoshop in Affinity and that too without any change in effects, layers or adjustments. So, these are just a few of the features of this versatile photo editor. To get a better insight of the app downloads it right now from Mac App Store.


Pixelmator, a 4.1 star rated app has all those features that are required in power photo editor. Right from the moment you open this app on your Mac, you feel it quite easy to use because of its design that is completely Mac. Pixelmator has more than 160 effects that you can use to create an image of your imagination. Moreover, if you have a hidden painter inside you then you can start painting on Pixelmator just like you do on canvas. So, whether you are an amateur photographer or a trained professional you can try Pixelmator.

Fotor Photo Editor

This photo editor is more than perfect for all your photo editing requirements and this is the reason that BBC has mentioned it as lite Photoshop. This easy to use, yet powerful app is filled with lots of nifty features that can take your photos to another level. No matter whether you have to apply effects and borders on a batch of photos or you have to make your single image smoother this app is equally effective for both. Wrinkle Remover, Reshape, Blemish Fix, Red-Eye Remover is some of the tools that can provide your portraits the desired touch. Moreover, if you wish to give your photos the depth-of-field just like a DSLR camera then you can its Focus editor. With all these and many more other features, this photo editor can fully leave an impression of your images.


Pixlr is another photo editor that helps you to easily give the desired effect to your photos. Also, even if you have a little bit of experience on working on any image editing tool then you can find working on Pixlr quite simple. The app has all the necessary editing tools for changing the image resolution, sharpness, contrast of an image along with removing the red-eye effect. With more than 300 overlays and 100 effects, this image editor has all the necessary features that will help you in transforming your normal click into a masterpiece.


You have clicked a beautiful picture but that unwanted person in the background is stopping you from posting that photo on Facebook, then you should try Snapheal. This amazing photo editor helps you to easily remove all those unnecessary things that are spoiling your photos. Not only this, Snapheal also helps you to remove stains, spots from your images by adjusting skin tones with its advanced healing algorithms.  Moreover, this app helps you to transform those grainy old photos into new looks. So just click a picture and do not worry about the unwanted objects in the background as Snapheal is there to handle that all.


If you are searching for a cross-platformed, open source image editor then you must try Gimp. The layout and design of Gimp are somewhat similar to photoshop and this made this tool easy to use for many and too without paying any price. So, if you are looking for a photo editor to perform basic functions like cropping, resizing or advance functions like removing or fading out the background you can go for Gimp.

PhotoScape X

If you want a simple photo editing app that has all the basic and elementary features then PhotoScape X is not a bad choice either. The editor has more than 1000 filters and effects that can change your layman image into a masterstroke. You can yourself try its light leak effect that can change your normal photo into astounding one. Moreover, PhotoScape X ability to resize, rename multiple photos in just a single click makes it a good choice for an effective photo editor.


Wish to give your photos an all-new look by using various borders and filters? Then you should try Analog that easily processes your ordinary image into an astonishing one by using its 35+ filters and 15 amazing borders. Image cropping and image rotation are some other features that you can easily use on your photos before sharing them on various social websites.

So, guys hope now you understand that getting a perfect picture is not that much difficult. An effective photo editor is all you need, to get a perfect photo even though you haven’t clicked it with a perfection.

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