India’s Current Water Crisis

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India’s Current Water Crisis

Believe it or not but India today is facing the worst water crisis in generations. Unfortunately for a country like ours, centuries of mismanagement and incompetence at every level that is political, municipal and so forth has led our nation to one of the worst crisis till date and it seems like not much is being done about it either.

I feel another factor contributing to water crisis is the alarming rise in population. By 2050, the population in India alone will cross 1.7 billion and there isn’t enough water used efficiently to sustain the current population, what do you think will be left for the future generations?

Though some politicians are initiating some projects to help us, the solutions are merely temporary. Almost all water bodies are polluted and the citizens aren’t taking any interest in hindering or bettering the process. We might even be worse off than any third world country if we as citizens do not wake up and do something about it.

Did you know that our groundwater situation is worsening too? Apparently, extraction of ground water has increased to a level that makes it unattainable and thus the level is declining steadily.  Apart from that groundwater contamination is also rising because of mining sources, mining and industrial/ domestic practices. Not only is this harming us but also our ecosystem.

According to experts, it is vital for us to take big steps like shower efficiently, use a bucket of water to wash your car instead of a pipe. A better way to keep our water bodies alive is to avoid dirtying them and avoid washing clothes in them or throwing waste in them.

If Industrial waste were excreted in places other than water or land, things would be ten times better than they are today but since that won’t happen anytime soon all we can do is tax industries heavily that they’ll think twice before doing so.

Experts also claim planting lots of trees to attract more rain. The government should also create water reservoirs, more construction of dams, use of recycled water and compulsory rain harvesting can help us create a sustainable environment for the future generations.