Why DishNXT HD Set Top Boxes Different from Others

In this day and age, televisions have become an integral part of our lives. It is certainly difficult not to have a television in our homes or to completely eliminate entertainment. More so, with the number of direct-to-home (DTH) entertainment service providers increasing day-by-day – offering attractive deals, budgeted packages, A-grade picture quality, and better user experience, it makes it difficult for anyone to resist having a cable connection at home. Dish TV’s DishNXT is a perfect example to quote here.

DishTV, Asia Pacific’s largest direct-to-home entertainment, offers the most amazing range of cable connection packages. Starting as low as Rs. 169 + GST, you can watch your favorite channels in high-definition quality all day long. To top it all, it’s new introduced DishNXT HD Set Top Box unveils a list of super-hot features that make it an exciting deal to crack and invest in.

Unlimited Recording

Stuck up in an important meeting while the Indian bowlers knock out Australian batsmen one after another? Don’t worry! DishNXT HD Set Top Box allows you to record the entire match to watch later on. It comes with an external USB device that supports up to 2 TB of recording. So, go for unlimited recording and enjoy every bit of live entertainment missed, when you’re free and relaxing.

Record in Standby

Next, on the list of DishNXT HD Set Top Box’s exemplary features is Standby Recording. This means that you can record an on-going serial even when your television’s screen is off. All you have to do is switch on the set top box and set it in recording mode. It’s that simple!

Event-Based Recording

Next up is its Event-Based recording feature. We know most of you are too fond of some serials and do not miss even a single episode. But if circumstances may not permit, you can make use of your set top box’s Event Based Recording function. Feed the necessary details and your event/program will get automatically recorded every time the show features on the television.

Time-Based Recording

Game of Thrones’ latest episode will be on air tonight and you certainly cannot trader your close friend’s wedding with GoT’s episode. What to do? With a DishNXT HD set top box installed at home, you can record the entire episode at the exact time when it’s being aired and watch it when you come back from the wedding.

Forward and Rewind

With this feature, you can easily forward or rewind your favorite series/matches so that you don’t miss out on entertainment even for a split second.

Live TV Pause

Last but not the least, with DishNXT HD you can enjoy pausing a live streaming episode, movie or even a match while you’re away from the screen answering the door-bell and attending the guest. Simply click on the pause button on your remote control to pause or resume the sitcom from where you left.

This is just the beginning. Dish TV, in the forthcoming years, has planned to unveil a whole new list of entertainment features that make watching television more fulfilled.

Image Courtesy:- DishNXT website

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Written by Arundhati Kher

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