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This “Google” Cryptocurrency Is A Must Have In Your Portfolio

This “Google” Cryptocurrency Is A Must Have In Your Portfolio

The cryptocurrency world is getting the mainstream attention of late. It is hard to imagine a newspaper or magazine which is not talking about the virtual money. But the world has a habit of praising the rising sun. And hence we are just reading much about the rising sun of today which are Bitcoin and a few other famous coins.

But there is more to the crypto universe than this! There are hidden gems and they need to be found out by those who dream big. Blockchain technology, the backbone of most cryptocurrencies, is not just about transferring some coins from one address to another, it has more practical usages. And many businesses are coming up to use the technology to solve the problems that many people face.

One of the best things about the cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology is that their products are decentralized. This takes over power from a central authority and shares among its users which in turn increases the credibility and authenticity of the system.

Keeping this in mind, Presearch decided to play against Google on its own turf – the Internet business.

About Presearch

Presearch is the 1st decentralized and open search engine which is build to reward community participation and ensuring transparency. The aim of the search engine is to operate with a transparent ranking system which gives a level playing field to the content creators. Users will be rewarded with Presearch tokens.

It is obvious that the company is fighting against Google which controls around 80% of the search results. Presearch is backed by entrepreneurs like Antony Di Lorio, who happens to be the co-founder of yet another famous cryptocurrency Ethereum.


The vision of Presearch aims at 4 distinct yet important features.

Transparent:- To tackle Internet giants, the first and foremost feature to come up is the transparency. Presearch plans to reveal how they are ranking some websites and also how they plan to tackle the disputes.

Accessible:- Another feature of Presearch will be that a user can connect with their support to ask and resolve the issue that he has.

Open:- The code will be available in the opensource world.

Decentralized:- This is the key to any blockchain based system and Presearch is not alien to the same.

Verdict on Investment:-

Investments in cryptocurrencies are risky and the same applies to Presearch too. But I suggest this is a good buy in the long run.

My earlier verdicts:

RUPEE Coin. I predicted 100 times to 1000 times returns. Over 30 times returns in less than 3 months. Hoping to give more returns.

Siacoin:- I predicted this to be a buy and still have the same opinion. Keep it for a while and it will give returns.


Featured image: Screengrab from Presearch’s whitepaper.

What do you think?

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