All you need to know about GameCredits cryptocurrency

All you need to know about GameCredits cryptocurrency

Origin of GameCredits:
The evolution of the company is not very old as the company started in the year 2014 in the month of October. The initial stage was hard as the price of one GAME was as low as $0.00044 till mid of 2015.

After this period, the project gained pace and the price of the GAME increased to $0.2184 by the starting of the year 2017. The rate of one game measured 500% of what it was in its initial stage.

What exactly is GameCredits?
Developed with the secure blockchain technology, GameCredits is one amongst the other famous cryptocurrencies. What sets it apart from the others is that it is a universal in-game token devised by the gaming industry (ie. the game developers and the gamers) and for the gaming industry.

It allows the gamers to use the currency for the purpose of gaming. The infrastructure of the gaming is built on blockchain i.e. payment, tracking system, wallet, API etc. It has a block time of 90 seconds and the reward earned from a block is 25 coins. It has a market cap of $22M and holds the 31st place in the cryptocurrency rankings.

GameCredits is adding a new dimension in the field of payment modes accepted by the gaming industry. It is being done by introducing the cryptocurrency as the mode of exchange in the gaming market. The suitability of the GAME is, particularly for the PC gamers.

What is GAME?
GAME is the official name given to the gaming cryptocurrency.

Future prospects of GameCredits:
As discussed above, the game value substantially increased in a span of 2 years. The present value of one game is $1.9589 and further grown of the same is projected in the years to come. But, nothing can be predicted in advance. Owing to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the value is subjected to frequent fluctuations.

The following reasons are attributed to the future success of GameCredits:

Gaming Industry Expansion:
How often have we seen people around us playing video games? Possibly every 5th person including the adults is considering games a serious business. Over the period of next 2 decades, the gaming industry is expected to flourish manifolds.
Cryptocurrency has a great role to play in how players make payment for the games that they purchase.

If you are the one who possesses great gaming skills, you would be really glad to know that using GAME you can easily transfer money from one game to another. This is how the gaming cryptocurrency gives you an upper hand.

Focus on Enhancing Gaming Experience:
Apart from being the gaming cryptocurrency, GameCredits focus on integrating the blockchain into digital infrastructure for enhancing the gaming experience. The company has come up with the release of 5 major credit card integrations and is looking forward to including PayPal as well, in the coming years.

Commonalities between GameCredits and Bitcoin:
Both the cryptocurrencies are equipped with the security layer. The processing time involved is very low as compared to the other modes of payment. The currency is not subject to the market inflation and anonymity is maintained.

How to buy GAME?
You can buy and sell GameCredits as a cryptocurrency (GAME) on the exchanges named Poloniex and Bittrex. Other exchanges from where you can buy Game Credits are Bittrex, Cryptopia, boxbase, BTSR, Jubi, OpenLedger, Yuanbao, Allcoin etc.

How to store GAME cryptocurrency?
The best way to store the GAME is by setting up an official GameCredits Wallet. It is advisable not to leave your GAME in any of the exchanges unless and until you are willing to trade the GAME. A GameCredits Wallet will take care of all your security needs concerning the storage of GAME. Hence, setting up the official wallet is all you need.

For the ones who like to invest and love to explore what’s more to GameCredits, has the option of mining the GAME. Once you are familiar with the Mining algorithm. Mining profitability calculator and have a close eye on the market changes, you are fit to enter the mining world of GameCredits.

Here is a list of few major things that you should know before starting mining:
• Algorithm: Scrypt
• Block Time: 1.5 minute
• Block Reward: 25 coins
• Block Count: 1,065,446
• Maximum coins (supply): 84 million

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