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Review of A Transcendental Yogi Life

Title: A Transcendental Yogi Life

Author: Sumit Singh

Source: Received Review Copy from the author

Pages: 56


Spirituality tackles the greatest mysteries in life, but is so hard to define. What does it mean to be spiritual? How do we access spirituality? What answers to life’s great questions can it give us? How do we answer: What is your purpose on earth? What is the word “God” mean? What is a yogi and do I want to be one?
A Transcendental Yogi Life, With Eternal Stories takes you on a deep journey into the life of the spiritual seekers called yogis that Is mystical in tone but practical in intent. You will explore the transcendent journey through accessible stories, in legend style, that will leave an impact on your heart on multiple levels. Through the vehicle of these stories, you will journey through the essential, eternal questions, finding your own answers as you walk the transcendent path.
Enlightened souls like Gautama Buddha, Shri Paramahamsa Yogananda, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shri Ramana Maharishi, and Swami Vivekanand, among others, will be your trusted guides as you explore how they overcame the same day-to-day problems that we all face. Their wisdom will inform your own journey – to a glorious destination unlike any “home” you have ever known.
Come join these wise souls for a transformative journey you will never forget!



There are moments when we feel utterly lost; moments when we feel overwhelmed; moments when we feel helpless… moments when you need something just like this book!!

I confess that I was a bit apprehensive when I received this review copy. But it seems that I was destined to read this book. The circumstances so happened that I had one of the moments mentioned above and the book helped me get untangled.

The book deals with simple yet important aspects of living life. Aspects of faith, love, devotion, yoga, knowledge and purpose of life. These aspects mostly come into focus when one faces adverse conditions. It is in these times that the person starts seeking answers for the questions related to life. The book is the answer to those questions.

I had started reading the book with very low expectations. Generally, I consider books with philosophical content boring and never ending. But believe me, when I say that the book proved me completely wrong. Though the start was slow, the writing style was very interesting. The explanation of various topics was to-the-point and it was followed by a beautiful story related to it. I really liked this style as it didn’t allow boredom to set in.

The book has been written in an introspective mode. It looks as if the reader is talking to his inner-self on the issues of attaining good knowledge; questioning himself about devotion and faith; teaching his own-self about variations in love and so much more. The quest of discovering the aspects of life becomes easier with the stories at the end of each chapter.

I loved the stories picked up by the author. It was an interesting blend – few belonging to ancient India whereas others from the medieval or modern period. Some well-known, some unknown.

Most of all, the idea of keeping the book short was a very good move. Most of the time, people presume a long, monotonous reading [including myself, before reading this book :)] when it comes to books written on life’s philosophy. Keeping the book short but the essence intact gave a pleasant surprise. Breaking the monotony with small chapters kept the pace constant.

All in all, the book is a good read and is quite helpful in making our lives a little less uncomplicated.


For those who are looking out for sensible short books on how one can live life, do read this book.

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Written by Preeti

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