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This India Related Cryptocurrency Can Give 100x or 1000x returns

(Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are risky investments. You may lose 100% of your wealth)

Cryptocurrencies are the latest buzz in the technology world. Whether good or bad they find their place in the news almost every day. And why not? Cryptocurrencies have made so many millionaires in recent times. Even the top hedge fund managers are not shying away from talking about the digital assets. Bitcoin is soon becoming a household name.

Whether Bitcoin will be profitable now is a matter of debate. It can give good returns but will it give 100x, 1000x or 10000x returns now like it did before is a big question.

The recent activity in a cryptocurrency has drawn my attention and I would like to share the same with my readers. I would also like to make a disclosure here that I HOLD this currency. (Why should I recommend something to be a multi-bagger cryptocurrency when I do not hold it?)

The coin I am talking about it RUPEE cryptocurrency.

Rupee Cryptocurrency

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What is RUPEE cryptocurrency?

The website of RUPEE Cryptocurrency opens with a large banner saying “RUPEE – Decentralized currency from India, for India, South East Asia and the World on Blockchain Technology”. The coin is developed using the Block Chain Technology.

What makes it an investment?

The coin relisted a few days back (on 18th Sept 2017) and since then it is heading North. It seems like there is no looking back. The company has come with a very ambitious roadmap to make it a hot cake.

Currently, they are tieing up with many exchanges to list the currency. The next in line is the iPhone/Android app development which begins in the first quarter of 2018. This will be along with the e-commerce portal development. The idea of this portal is not to be limited to India but also to South Asia and the World.

Hence, RUPEE aims to be the Alibaba or Amazon of global trade.

Considering the fact that Indians are getting crazy on cryptocurrency and recently the Government of India removed all the concerns regarding cryptocurrencies and rather giving boost stating that they will make their own cryptocurrency, the “threat” part on the viability of the business model comes down to iota.

Add to that, while most cryptocurrencies talk of technology and fund transfer, Rupee cryptocurrency talks about product making it a star among its peers.

This makes it an excellent bet. But with every cryptocurrency, there is a 100 percent risk and an investor can lose all of his money trading cryptos.


What do you think?

Written by Crypto Champ

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