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Say ‘NO’ to plastic bags…..

Say ‘NO’ to plastic bags…..

The thinner bags are a major threat to the environment and are non-disposable; hence governments of Indian and Bangladesh have banned plastic bags of below 50 microns. But, there should be ban called on use and sale of all type of plastic bags.

No doubt, it serves as a convenient way to carry our groceries, vegetables, fruits etc. and distributed by any vendor “Free of cost” but has negative effects on the environment and human health.

Various countries who have already joined this regime are Denmark, Ireland, Wales, Italy Scotland, Germany, England, United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Africa, China, France, and Belgium.

The below ones are some of the severe reasons which governments should consider imposing a ban on plastic bags:
1) Plastic kills birds, animals and sea creatures every year. They all consume/eat plastic which congests their digestive system and further leads to their health issues, infections and a final death due to  suffocation.
2) Plastic does neither dissolve; nor decompose and lasts around 1000 years and ruin the ecosystem. It breaks into tiny pieces floating on the water or laying as debris on land.

3) Plastic contributes to climate change. Most of the plastic bags are made of polypropylene, a material made from petroleum and natural gas. The extraction of these gasses causes a change in climatic conditions.


4) Plastic bags are energy intensive. A lot of energy gets consumed to produce few bags i.e. equivalent to driving a car to approx.… 1 km.

5) Plastic bags don’t get recycled easily, either due to lack of capacity or recycling facility. The bags tend to get stuck in recycling machinery. Due to this, entire recycling rate turns to be negligible i.e. about 5%.

6) Plastic bags are so lightweight it can travel long distances through air and water. They litter on fences, trees, ground and float on waterways polluting both land and marine.


7) Plastic bags contain chemicals which can disrupt the normal function of human body. Marine animals like fish etc. and domestic animals like cow etc. consume small fragments of these bags along with their food which indirectly affects humans who eat fish and drink milk. These chemicals not only affect health but can cause other serious conditions.


8) It takes huge external costs to clean the plastic bag wastages from cities, streets, and roadsides. 


9) Plastic bags are mainly made from non-renewable resources. (viz. crude oil, gas, and coal)


10) Plastic bags can block drains, pipes, and channels causing sewage and flooding problems.  


This has become a major global problem as:


  1. Several countries and their respective city councils including United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) have imposed a worldwide ban on all plastic made bags.
  2. The countries have been trying to introduce several strategies to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Some countries have even imposed a small fee, which consumers have to pay for purchase each plastic bag viz. Ireland, UK, Australia, US etc.
  • China has banned and prohibited all the stores giving out free plastic bags.


Such measures – will definitely cut and decrease the usage to a better extent. 


Instead, it would also encourage diverting one towards use of ‘reusable bag’ which is a better alternative, sustainable, durable and can be used many times.    


In short, ban on plastic bags is one of the major issue which is turning a great threat not only to the environment but to living creature’s life too. More and more countries are beginning to ban plastic bags, as these are causing destruction throughout the world.


It’s a time to say a big ‘NO’ and phase-out the usage of these lightweight plastic bags.  

– Pritam Khatri.

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Written by Pritam Khatri

A competent and experienced individual with background in International Trade. "Love to explore writing skills for advancement and better awareness of society..."

I believe writing is best form to exhibit your love, aggression, fear, worry, hate, enthusiasm and happiness.


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