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Porinju Veliyeth is Bullish on Infra – Here are some of his Infra picks

Porinju Veliyeth is Bullish on Infra – Here are some of his Infra picks/interests

Ace stock picker and value investor Porinju is bullish on infrastructure. He has recently given an interview to BTVi and claimed that he is looking for the “L&T of the future”.

Porinju goes on to say that he is confident about at least 2 L&T in the making. These 2 companies, as claimed by Porinju, have a market cap of just 1000 crore or 10000 crores but have potential to go to 10k, 20k or even 1 lac crore of market cap in the next few years. This statement is very interesting because considering these kinds of calculations and following the value investor for getting the stocks an investor can expect up to 100 bagger returns in few years.

I tried to dig into his twitter timeline and the internet to see what Porinju has been buying or recommending for quite some time. Here are some of the stocks on his radar.

Arvind Infra

Arvind Infra can be seen as a double dhamaka. First Ashish Chugh of Hidden Gems India (another ace value investor) hinted about the stock in a tweet. Porinju was fast enough to crack the code and reveal the code to the aam investor. See below:

It will be interesting to note that after the tweet the stock of Arvind Infra sky rocketed and gave 180% returns in just 3 weeks! And the master blaster was not shy to flaunt it in a tweet.


KNR Construction

It was in April 2014 that Porinju recommended KNR Construction in a tweet. He tweeted that the company is small but with a clean balance sheet and good business. Those who followed the stock picker made a clean sweep with 10 times returns in 3 years.



This is one of the few stocks where Porinju Veliyath has disclosed that he holds. Although, I could not find if he still holds it or not but since he recommended the stock just over a year ago and usually keeps stocks for years, it will be safe to assume that Anantraj lies in his portfolio.

Anantraj is already 70% plus up since his recommendation.

MBL Infra

Looks like this is the most interesting stock in the pack. Porinju has not recommended this stock, he just shared the news but it will be good to keep an eye on this stock. Now, why I called this as the most interesting stock has reasons.

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