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MIND diet

What Is the MIND Diet?

MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) is an amalgamation of dual healthy meal ideas – the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet. A Mediterranean diet contains whole grains, omega 3s and healthy fats while The DASH diet emphases on vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy diet. The purpose of the diet is to include brain healthy foods and nutrients such as berries, nuts, fish while regulating the amount of unhealthy fats and red meat in your regular diet. (1) The MIND diet helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and supports healthy brain.

Essentials of the MIND Diet:

The MIND diet encompasses ten brain-healthy food groups and five unhealthy groups. The ten brain-healthy food groups include:

Green leafy vegetables


Berries, specifically blueberries




Whole grains

Olive oil

Other vegetables


The Five Unhealthy Food Groups Include:



Red meats

Fast or fried foods

Pastries and sweets

Benefits of the MIND diet:

MIND diet has been considered healthy in general. Some of the benefits are-

1. MIND may actually have a progressive effect on your brain and may help in decreasing the threat of Alzheimer’s disease. (2)

2. The Mediterranean Diet and the DASH diet works in frequent manners to improve heart health and in reducing blood sugar levels.

3. Mediterranean diet helps in weight loss and lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

4. It is believed that the MIND diet is more operative at reducing cognitive decline than either the Mediterranean or DASH diets alone. (3)

Things to Keep In Mind While Following the MIND Diet:

Get at least two to three portions of full grains per day

Eat beans every other day

Eat a salad every day

Eat green leafy vegetable on a daily basis

Drink a glass of wine each day

Consume nuts almost every day

Consume poultry and berries; specifically blueberries at least two times a week

Consume fish at least once a week

Unwholesome foods can be consumed; less than one portion each week, with the exemption of butter.  Though Less than 1 tablespoon a day of butter is allowed in the diet.

Should You Follow the MIND Diet?

A more organized and planned eating strategy is required these days specifically for older adults. MIND diet can be referred as a guide in this case. The MIND diet is exceptionally high in vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and offer proteins along potassium, magnesium and other minerals. Moreover, fish and fish products, provides healthy fats.  Moreover, The MIND diet centers on nourishing whole foods, therefore its not just recommended for your brain but for your heart and total health, as well. But at the same time you need to be careful about some of the potential pollutants and toxins that fish and fish products contain such as mercury, plastic residues and other tenacious pollutants with DDT. Furthermore, its not appropriate for kids and teenagers who require sugars from fruits, and it doesnt consider the vast majority of vegan people who get their protein from dairy products. But its a noble notion to embrace and integrate some of the practices such as including green leafy vegetables or salad in your daily diet.





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Written by Prachi Srivastava

Prachi Srivastava is a fashion designer by profession. Apart from designing she loves writing and in her spare time, takes freelance writing projects. She writes for various health, fashion\lifestyle and home decor websites. She also writes for a published magazine.


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