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Make your Business Successful by Creating an Excellent Vision Statement for your Business


Make your Business Successful by Creating an Excellent Vision Statement for your Business

We have often come across the word “Vision statement” in a business proposal. While going on to write one, we wonder what it actually means!

Before getting into that we first need to understand the importance of a business proposal and why it is required. Be it any business, however big or small, making a business proposal helps you in pitching it while approaching an investor for your business. Besides, keeping a business proposal handy, aid you in having a clear picture of how you visualize your business at present and where do you want to take it in the future.

A business proposal has many categories in it. Vision and Mission Statement are two amongst them which are generally written together. However, the two are often highly confused.

So let us understand and clear the air ‘about vision’ to achieve our goal of writing a proposal for business.

Vision gives you a way that assists in setting priorities with a pinch of clarity. Having a vision for your company means, you have a futuristic picture of your business in mind. Vision acts as a motivation and inspiration for you and the employees. In other words, it can be described as a skeleton of your business. It provides an outline or framework when you plan a business strategy. A vision statement is not for your clients or customers but for you, your employees and for the investors.

Vision assists you in enunciating your hopes and dreams of your business, articulating the way you want to execute your future actions. It can be described as the aim, target, objective, destination or the endpoint, where you plan to reach. Hence knowing it through and through becomes important as without that how would you plan to reach the target? When you know your aim, you chalk out various ways of achieving it.

A vision statement should ideally be a catchy and attractive one liner, ranging from a minimum of one sentence to a maximum of three sentences or a short paragraph. It needs to be persuasive, captivating and comprehensive that would be able to define the existence and presence of your company reflecting on the contribution it is making.

Keep the following things in mind

Brownson, the founder and creative director of business strategy group Spark Collaborative, suggests keeping the following in mind while formulating a vision:

  • Recognize the central values of your organization
  • Plan your execution in alignment with these values
  • Point out the places where you are not aligned
  • Think of the ways you can stay aligned with these values during the growing years within five-ten years of initiation

After getting these answers, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the problems that your company aspires to solve in the next few years?
  • What does your company expects to accomplish?
  • Who is your target customer base?
  • How do you want to bring a positive change in their lives?

Answering these questions will help you perceive a futuristic scenario of your business and help you and your team understand what success will look like if you are able to achieve those things. With these you would be able to comprehend the present situation and ascertain a bigger view.

Tips to follow while framing vision statement

Following are some tips which you can follow while designing your own vision statement:

  • Reflect on five to ten years down the line to plan a future vision
  • Don’t fear to dream big
  • Keep your focus on success
  • Keep clarity in using the language and make it precise
  • Reflect your passion and emotion through the vision statement
  • Draw a mental image of the business you aspire to see
  • Communicate your vision statement to your employees
  • Expense time and resources to the vision you want to form

This is how you can help yourself formulate a clear-cut and precise vision that would act as a destination for your business to reach. Implement this into your business summary or proposal as well, to lure in the investors who would be intimidated to invest in your business after visualizing and realizing the potential of your dream.

Channelize this ideology amongst your employees as well, so that they feel associated with it just as the way you feel. A united vision helps to reach a goal faster, when this gets inculcated in each and every employee. Overall this helps in building teamwork and the energy is channelized towards one direction that is, reaching the goal.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Do not shy away from a vision however unrealistic. Have confidence in yourself and your dream. You will surely find a way out!

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Written by Mehul Panchal

Mehul Panchal, an entrepreneur, business adviser, mentor, speaker, writer, gymer. Also founder and Chief Managing Director of Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. For more about me visit my website, Mehul Panchal


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