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Life after graduation – A crossroad situation

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Life after graduation – A crossroad situation

It is everyone’s dream to get into a prestigious college/university. Those 4 to 5 yrs. life brings you all memorable moments hanging around with friends, parties, movies, lectures and many more.

At the blink of eye you are in the final year and you get those butterflies in tummy thinking about what next?

Some of them might be struggling to get through campus interviews, few might be running behind arrears n final year projects, and a handful already in the planning phase for their higher studies while the rest might be in panic mode standing at the cross roads of life.

It is very often, we’re put in a situation in lives which is rightly a life alteration – to make the most critical and challenging decision of your life.

This article is to provide a booster to all such graduates who are yet to make a decision on a way forward. Give a good read and I am hopeful you will sail through the crossroad very soon.

  1. Stay focused – It is okay if you have arrears, it is fine if your friend is travelling abroad, not a problem your bestie is walking away with a job offer – as long as you have learnt the fact that your individual contribution to studies is what makes your own life. It is never too late to start; work towards those backlogs and clear them successfully there is something awaiting in-store for you. Set yourself a deadline and put in that little effort to get over it.


  1. Never give up easily – Everything is a learning experience. You might have made several attempts with interviews or higher study applications or even got stumped out in visa lottery or financial aids – do not accept the defeat. Take it with a pinch of salt! Be bold to dream and be bolder to achieve those. It is your life it should not depend on what others want you to do.  Life has this wonderful ability of sorting out on its own, just give it the time. You keep trying hard on your goals and ensure you stay truthful to yourself.



  1. Manage your expectations – Your parents will keep reminding you about their high expectations. You might even have to go through an emotional turmoil with some comparisons to your peers. Its fine, life is much more than a paycheck. Be ambitious, respect the family values at the same time keep chasing your vision. Grab that very first opportunity that life throws on you it is all for a reason.



  1. Success will make its way – There is nothing which can teach us more than a failed attempt. It is after a fall that you gain more confidence to jump higher. Eventually life will bring you the success plate. It just wants to test you more, always remember there is a new day at the horizon!


  1. Don’t feel rushed –  Listen to your intuition they speak your mind. It is okay to give a delayed start as far as you are determined to reach the destination.

There is no such thing as linear career path for most of us. From my personal       experience I am in my late 30’s and I sometimes don’t have a clue of what life has in-store for me .So it is perfectly fine guys. Welcome to the club! It’s all about experimenting with and exploring our own selves.

After 10 years of my graduation, I have now got a chance to do my post-graduation with my dream university. You can never understand why you are in this situation in life all you can do is how can we get through this successfully.

It is now or never – Be courageous stay focused and any crossroad is just a cake-walk!

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