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Is Mobile App a Necessity for Your Business?

Is Mobile App a Necessity for Your Business?

If you are still under the impression that mobile apps are exclusively for biggies like Amazon and Walmart, I am sorry, you are highly mistaken.

Today, forward-thinking enterprises are increasingly following the mobile trend because they realize what a powerful mobile strategy can do for their businesses.

These days, businesses we regularly engage with in our daily life – be it the beauty spa, the coffee shop, the pastry maker, or the florist downtown – most of them have dedicated mobile app for their products and services.

These small to medium-sized enterprises, by now, have in fact placed themselves ahead of the game, driving their marketing and customer engagement program to the next level.

Just in case you are still not convinced, here are the top five advantages of developing a mobile app sooner than later.

  1. Be Visible 24/7

Statistics reveal that on an average people spend over two hours a day on their mobile devices. These people usually search the internet for applications they need. Having a presence “in between” this search trail can prove to be hugely beneficial, as our mind is programmed to subconsciously pick up every single text and image we come across even though it might seem like we haven’t noticed it.

  1. Create a Rock-Solid Direct Marketing Channel

The mobile app is a multifunctional marketing tool. They can serve general information about your company, present a map for the customers to locate your store, provide search features, user accounts, booking forms, prices, and a lot more.

One of the most tempting advantages of having a mobile app is the seamless connectivity it presents between you and your customers. Every news feed relating to your business is just a tap away. What more? With push notifications, you can create direct interaction channels and get closer to your customers by delivering gripping content that excites them.

  1. Offer More Value to Customers

Instead of hanging on to the old-fashioned point collection card, digitize your loyalty program so that customers can easily collect their reward points via the mobile app. The effect? More downloads, and more returning customers. For this, you can check out PunchMe, a service that allows businesses to create mobile-based loyalty programs.

  1. Heighten Customer Engagement

Irrespective of what you are selling, there has to be a way for your customers to reach you. Integrating a help desk or a messaging feature within the mobile app can dramatically redefine the way you engage with your customers. OpenTable, for instance, developed its entire business model around this idea. Customers, instead of calling the restaurant could book tables with less than five clicks from their smartphones. Think about it.

  1. Take the Lead

Even up to this time, mobile apps at small to mid size business level, are still very rare. You can use this opportunity as a launchpad to get ahead of the competition. Amaze customers with your dynamic approach by powering your business with a cutting-edge mobile application.

The mobile app is a game-changer, and it will sooner than expected be a mainstream component of any business. The decision you make today will design the future of your organization in the time to come. The choice, obviously, is yours.

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Written by Anirban Mukherji

Independent content writer with over 3 years of experience in creating quality technical articles for multiple agencies in Kolkata, India.

I script pieces on emerging defense technologies, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Memory, Display, Fin-tech, and a variety of other topics that are increasingly evolving in this digital era.

My content solutions include Press Release, Blog, and Article creation along with other value-for-money offers like spinning and rewriting. I take up research sincerely so that every article of mine resonates perfectly with its audience.

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