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Holy cow! Monkeying Around with that Horse

DISCLAIMER:- No animal were hurt while writing this article. But it surely makes a monkey out of the donkey work done by some pig-headed beings 😉

Hold your horses! They are up for it again. The Great Indian Media and a few social celebrities wolf down  on the news about a horse named Shaktiman who was allegedly beaten up by a BJP leader. It was a no surprise given that the leader in picture was from the party of Modi.

As soon as the video was out, the monkey see monkey do desi media made it viral in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. How can Modi allow a leader torture an animal with is born in an alleged lower yoni and is clearly in minority population. Animal activists / humanitarian / intellectuals had their last bite of beef pizza and frog jumped onto the social media to spread the dung(pun intended).

As cow dung is use to fertilize the land, this dung fertilized the intolerance-in-the-present-government field sowed by our krantikari patrakars. The daily soap drama of TV and social journalism went to a new low. As usual, kangaroo court was opened on the prime time and the guests were so chosen that it seems that they brought owls to Athens.

The global happiness index was out a day later. If it was ranked based on the emotions that came after this incident, the happiest persons would have been the the leftist, socialists, beef-loving-animal-rights-activists brigade. Almost every channel wanted to present the news straight from the horse’s mouth and went ape over Shaktimaan the horse. Even the neighborhood kids like chunnu munnu or the grownups like pappu were never so found of shaktiman the show as these guys were of shaktiman the horse.  

Well, every dog has a day, and the news (read dung) worked for a day. When the video clarifying that the leader was not responsible for the crime of the decade (14 years to be precise) was out, it seemed like our brigade had ants in their pants. This act-and-regret is normal now a days

I fail to understand, why are the journalists are as blind as a bat? Why do they back the wrong horse when they know that such news will be dropping like flies very soon? Why do they beat a dead horse? Why don’t they take the bull by the horns on the news that really matters? Why so they bark like pet dogs on anyone who is alien to the “den” of madam? It smells fishy, or may be not. They are just so predictive now.

Where is the forth pillar of the Indian democracy? Why is the aam aadmi offered fodder which is not easy to digest. Bad journalism, sensationalization of news and once sided approach have exposed many journos who now keep their tail between their legs.

I wish we have a more sensible and responsible journalism in the country. Though in the present scenario this seems to be difficult, it should happen some day. Let’s wait until the cows come home.

What do you think?

Written by Ankur Mehta

An ardent observer of life’s visual rhythms & curious on the SOEs that take place in the cosmos, I jot down my mind occasionally on yet another universe of the Internet.

An Engineer by profession and nationalist by heart, I write my heart and mind on anything and everything that comes to my way. I put my ideas on politics, religion, technical, green energy, stock markets, spirituality, open source, business and anything under the God's green earth and above that too ;)

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