#Badla by Nature. Wake up human!

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Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Droughts. Changing Environment. Global Warming. Declining Health. Deforestation. Air Pollution

Albert Einstein quoted, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” What Einstein said was considered to be related to science but it had deeper meaning. Probably we have now reached a stage where we need not look deep. Its clearly visible and loud.


Mankind has been unkind to nature & now is feeling the wrath of it. It seems that more and more natural disasters are taking place. All our tall claims of “ruling the planet” become Lilliput when nature “replies” on our act. Air pollution is unprecedented, Soil erosion happening, we are digging mother earth like never before. Forests are probably the most affected ecosystem in the planet.  And we are cutting forests day and night.

It seems that we are in ICU now and immediate action needs to be taken. Although we cannot stop many things but we should start working to be more nature positive. As I write this article, I do not know how much loss I have done directly or indirectly- The electricity I am using (is produced by burning coal), the gas stove I lit to make tea is using gas which is produced at the high polluting process industry, the wooden table where I have kept my laptop is made from cutting a tree to the WiFi signal which is also not so nature friendly. There might be many such things which I know or not.

Probably I should have to compensate the same else nature is on the vengeance. It will take the badla. Its high time we start using Solar powered materials, use less electricity, be more clean and green.