Amazon Introduces its first ever Prime Day in India starting 10th July

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Amazon Introduces its first ever Prime Day in India starting 10th July

Christmas is coming early this year. Yes, you read it right! July will be like Christmas, only better as Amazon has announced its Prime Day starting 10th July this year and will last a whopping 30 hours instead of the average 24-hour sale. The event will take off at 6 PM onwards wherein prime Amazon customers will be showered with great deals. In this event, the customers have the benefit of availing great and exclusive launches from big brands like Lego, Puma, GAP, Lavie among several other big brands.

The Flagship program brings Indian primers with unlimited free delivery for a day or two on more than million products. No minimum purchase is needed and best selling products will be priced at discounted rates. According to reports, most products are priced at an introductory offer of INR 499. The event will take place over 13 countries and will take place every year around the same time.

That’s not all. The prime day event will also line up video deals cum previews for Star Trek, The lost Legend Episodes, Deepwater Horizon, Haq se Single and a little sneak peek of the second season of The Grand Tour.  Added bonuses include great deals or bonuses on the Amazon fire television stick and India’s favorite e-book device viz Kindle. Let me not forget that the users are also blessed with cash back options for up to INR 200.

Amazon’s shares usually go up during this time and the event is a hit worldwide annually. After their GST sale event, this event seems promising enough to be a big hit among Indian prime users too. The deals and offers are pretty amazing and will raise Amazon’s credibility along with traffic. There are over thousands of prime users in India alone and the members of this giant believe the turnover will be profitable and interesting. Stay tuned and do not miss out on any deals. It is after all an opportunity of the year.