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The top of the tower

There’s a tower in the area where I stay,

And to it’s top I go everyday,

From there, the whole world is within my sight,

And it makes me feel that it is unreasonable for people to fight.

The top of the tower is my safe haven,

And there, I feel as independent as a raven,

From up there, I can see the world at a glance,

And it feels like I’ve gone into this beautiful trance.

Whether I go there in broad daylight,

Or even in the darkness of the night,

I feel safe there,

And like, nothing or no one can give me a scare.

When problems threaten to taint my life,

And I feel like I can no longer bear any strife,

That is where I go,

For there I can think freely, without knowing which direction am I heading to.

It is where I feel independent ,

and even when the sun begins its descent,

and the moon starts to rise,

being there makes me feel a little more wise.

Being at the top of the tower,

makes me feel like a blooming flower,

ready to take on the world,

yet, my vision is partially blurred.

But still every day I go there,

Because finally for the distance I don’t care,

at the top of the tower, the world is within reach,

And the convention of society, I have decided to breach.

What do you think?

Written by Chetana.Rajesh


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