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Tu haath pakadti hai, bada achha lagta hai…tu kaan pakadti hai, badi zor se lagta hai”

A child’s first ever word that has the power to bind the entire universe together. And so has mumma. She simply is the best. Ain’t she ? Ever imagined how she manages to do it all by herself ? Even if you try to, you won’t succeed, I bet. Because mothers are said to be “God’s angels”.

None of us has seen God, that’s the reason he made mothers to take care of us wherever he couldn’t come. She is a supremo,a lover, a life giver, a home maker. Whatever I am today, I give all the credit to her.

For being there, whenever I’ve needed her. In all the good and bad times,her hand has always been there-on my head,for those lovely blessings, on my shoulders-being my protector from all the bad in the world, on my eyes- to keep them safe from the sunrays, on my mouth-so that I could be careful with my words , on my ears- so that I can avoid all the stuff that bothered me, hand in hand with me walking together as a friend,as a mentor, shopping,enjoying all life seasons,dealing through all life’s hardships.

You’re my inspiration, my role model, my QUEEN. As they say,the reflection of MOM is WOW and that’s how she simply is ” wowie”

Love you mumma. May you live life ” Queen Size” :).

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Written by Anchal Khattar


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