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Decoded: Why we feel our past was better than it actually was

Decoded: Why we feel our past was better than it actually was

Dwelling in the past is what most of us do today. We paint a picture of how beautiful and easy life was back then and feel like we’re drowning in pain because of that. However, Scientists claim that the feeling of nostalgia helps people balance their current psychological state as it gives a person a sense of belonging and happiness. Did you know? In the earlier days nostalgia was actually considered a cerebral disease. Today, it isn’t because scientists claim it helps balance the minds of people in a psychological aspect. Meaning, it keeps you stable unless you are too hung up on your past.

Nostalgia, a term derived from two Greek words nostos and algos literally means dwelling or pining about your past. Every person feels it, even you. As you’re reading this blog, you’ll sense your mind drifting to the good old days. Back to the days when you did not have to worry about money and supporting your family or back to the days when your dad bought you a car for graduating with good grades. Even simple trips to the malls may seem better than they actually were.

This feeling that you feel is nothing but nostalgia. Sometimes our mind perceives things in a different way. It isn’t a bad thing, for some it is very useful as it helps them cope with things better. If every memory would’ve been a bad one, imagine the state human beings would be in today- gloomy and not motivated.

Though scientists say reminiscing about the good old days isn’t a bad thing, one should also live in the present and wish for a brighter future. A happy and positive outlook can help you balance out negativity in your everyday life. You need to find things to look forward to, like a yoga class or learning a new language or even a trip. The key to making your present also seem great is to live in it. Actually live in it not pose for it or pretend it’s great but take in every moment like it were your last day on this planet.

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Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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