10 alternative career options after 10+2

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10 alternative career options after 10+2

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say it is tough deciding a career path after 10+2. Sometimes you wish to become one thing but don’t get the course or college of your choice and in other cases, you don’t get the support you need.

However, the end of the world isn’t here yet (neither theoretically nor metaphorically). There is huge scope in the following fields as of now:

  1. Studying Law: Being a lawyer (from any University) can help you open your private practice and will also enable you to join big shot firms who are in dire need of legal advice. Many companies look for corporate lawyers as many legal transactions and procedures take place.
  2. Doctors: You don’t need to be a neuro surgeon in order to make big bucks. Many Medical colleges, both government and private ones, offer the same curriculum with same exposure in the practical field. Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists are in high demand today, so don’t feel pressurized to only opt for Neuro or Orthopedics.
  3. Digital Marketing: This is one field that’s booming at the moment as most offline activities have integrated to a digital platform.
  4. PR Officer: Public Relations is a critical part of running any business. Every sector needs to maintain an image and if you have the skills and the attitude you can help a business or person from drowning in ruins
  5. Hotel Management is another great field to penetrate in. Though the work is very hectic, you’ll be blessed with the chance to work for leading hotel chains all across the world
  6. Fashion Management is like any other management but for brands like Zara, Gucci and so forth. You’ll learn to deal with the A to Z`s of this segment
  7. Graphic designing is booming in the market as well. Creativity, though not appreciated much in Developing and third world countries, is a great career choice as many organizations today need someone who’ll create visual content for their social media pages. UI/UX is also a great way to make big bucks in a small time.

8. Every parent dreams of having a Chartered Accountant in their family. You can choose to become a CA but the work you’ll have to put into it is endless and may tear you apart. Once you clear all exams, you have the opportunity to start your own business or work for leading firms.

9. Join the Army. Fighting for one’s country is the best gift anyone could give another person. Not only will you and your family get benefits but your reputation will be admired all around

10. Become a pilot and travel the world. A lot of people dream of traveling the word but can’t. Becoming a pilot gives you the privilege of seeing the world at the expense of the airlines you’re working for