8 Best WordPress resource sites you should follow

8 Best WordPress resource sites you should follow   

If you’re new to WordPress and want to expand your knowledge, there are 8 top resources you could master the art of WordPress from.


They are:

  1. WPMU Dev Blog. This blog provides tutorials, tips on development, resources and free reviews on premium or paid themes. The blog is updated regularly and they are very inspirational and technical at the same time.
  2. WPMayor is another great resource for WP. This blog was founded early in 2010 and provides reviews, tips and tricks related to WordPress plugins, themes and services. You are welcome to engage in guest blogging and you get daily updates on this platform too.
  3. A WordPress blog that highlights the latest updates or trends is Torque. Torque is basically a magazine that helps create a bridge for developers and beginners or those who love exploring wordpress for fun or as a hobby.
  4. WPTavern, founded in 2009, is considered one of the best WP blogs ever! This platform covers a range of topics for amateurs and pros. You also get the chance to experience the fun of their podcasts.
  5. WPKube is a resource platform that provides in depth knowledge about WP. You can go through their tutorials, articles and tips. You will be updated about new plugins and how to manage the basics of wordpress.
  6. Yoast is a platform that is all about optimization of websites. Both the visitors and owners of the site can benefit from yoast as you are given access to handy e-books that cover topics like WP plugins, how to make your site more friendly, attract visitors and make it SEO friendly.
  7. WPexplorer blog is a diamond in the rough when it comes to guides, tips, blogs, reviews and giveaways. This blog is always up to date and their tutorials must be checked out if you want to put on you’re a-game.
  8. DailyBlogTip, founded by Daniel Scocco in 2006, is a grand and renowned platform that shares tips, tricks, and offers guidance for WP developers.


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