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Dashavatars – Hidden Messages for Man Kind

1.Matsya Avatar - ( Incarnation as Fish) During the recreation process when the complete world is submerged under water , Lord Vishnu comes in form of a huge Fish and save few beings in a huge ship so that they...

Thripurari – What to learn from Lord Shiva Avatar as Thripuraanthaka

You can read about the story of Tripurasura in below Link What to learn from story of tripurasur How to kill tripurasuras who are present human body . When tripurasur requested boon from Lord Brahma dev that they should be killed...

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I am Narin Kura Like to explore things to the root and gain knowledge as much as I can Knowledge is the wealth which can be shared but never get reduced. and Knowledge keeps on increasing when shared This is my second blog which is regarding Hindu mythology I just keep posting what I believe is right and justifiable. which doesn't hurt any one but gives good message. no discrepancies or Spammers would be entertained Can feel free to speak to me my facebook Account- my Twitter Account - Follow @kuranarin
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Biometric Attendance Machine – A Security Controller Device

We all are aware of the development of technology biometric attendance system device and with the development of technology we can make life easy.