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The Singles’ Valentine’s Day



There are lots of singles who turn all gloomy when February begins. They see the Valentine’s Day vibes everywhere. It begins with annoying people like me, writing posts on how to’s and what to’s for valentine’s day. Then there are some who exhibit public displays of love. No matter where the singles turn, there is love in the air. During those times when I forget that it is Valentine’s Day and ask someone, ‘Hey! What’s up?’

I get a sigh and a low voice that sadly mumbles, ‘What could be up for a single on a Valentine’s Day?’. The voice is so low that a-minute-ago-happy-me is pulled down into the abyss of depression!

If Valentine’s Day celebrates Love, who brought about and spread the notion that love happens among couples only? We can’t celebrate everyday (C’mon! Let us be practical) and so when occasions are given to celebrate, make the maximum use of it. Anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day and no! It is not desperate. So, this time, this is what we are going to do:

1. A Get together – You could also take it up to a party level. Call all your close single friends. You can call couple provided there is a large group. You don’t want to feel left out if it’s just the 3 of you. 😛 Meet up with them and do things together. Movies, games, pub,  hogging or any activity together. Valentine’s Day is also for the love of friends.

2. Gift – Give gifts to your loved ones. If you believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, this shouldn’t irk you at all. If you would gift something to your better half, why not gift something to your close family or friends? You could also have a custom of exchanging gifts with your BFFs every Valentine’s Day. Love of your life may break up with you. But BFFs will hang on forever! Love them. Celebrate the Love of Friendship

3. Trip – Plan ahead of time. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by going on a tour. Chalk off all those places you have wanted to visit. Plan with your friends and pick one place. While the entire world celebrates Love, you will be celebrating lot more. It will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

4. Gift Yourself – Who can love you more than yourself? Who would know what you need more than you? Gift something to yourself on the day. Something you have always wanted. Perhaps a gadget? If you love reading, buy books, or go shopping, send flowers for yourself and arrange them in your room, in a beautiful vase. Just pamper yourself.


5. Sleep All Day – If you ‘Love’ sleeping, do just that. Wake up when you are hungry, order a pizza, eat and sleep again. For sleep lovers, that will be the best way to spend the day right?

6. A Date with Books – The bookworms are all excited now. If you have gifted books to yourself, you need time to read it right? Just hole up in your Utopia and devour book after book all day. Book, words and literature are your love and so are the characters in them. Spend your day with them.

7. Spread Love – If you believe in random acts of kindness, visit an orphanage or old age home. They would be too happy to receive some love. It could be on any day. Not necessarily on valentine’s Day. But if you go there on a special day as that, it would mean much more to many people there.

8. Surprise Someone – Just about anyone. The old friend you haven’t called for a while, a relative, a neighbor or just about anyone who wouldn’t expect you. Call them or pay them a surprise visit. Surprises never lose their charm and when it happens to be on a day like this, it will be remembered.

9. Nurture your Hobbies – A day you would have spent with a loved when if you weren’t single. Use the day to do something productive for yourself. What is that hobby you had that you never nurture these days? Try going back to it. Hobbies seldom leave you. They just lie buried beneath all those ‘Have to’s’.

10. Set a Goal for the next Valentine’s Day – It is all about Love. What is that one thing you want to achieve by the next Valentine’s Day? Set the Goal and work towards it. Achieve something you love and you have always wanted. That is the Goal.

So, what are you doing this Valentine’s Day? No. Valentine’s Day is not only for couples. Get set run and rule the day for Feb 14th like every other day is yours. 🙂

What do you think?

Written by Ranjini Sankar

Little things in life; I strongly believe in them & draw strength from them.
Hailing from Cochin, I am a Student pursuing Chartered Accountants' course and a writer by passion. I write about myriad topics in my lifestyle & creative blog A Few Handpicked Things in Life because like every other tiny thing, I believe my words have the power to inspire, console and make someone smile.

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