The “A” of Indians’ inferiority complex

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My name starts with “A” and hence it is obvious that I like this alphabet.  But looking at things how we Indians present ourselves, our culture and our tradition using this alphabet, this A is reflecting our inferiority complex. Although it might sound strange or rude, this is one of the alphabets which we should not be using in a particular fashion. Also, since I am a staunch believer in Vasudevam Kutumbkam (Universal Brotherhood) this piece of mine should not be treated as a This Vs That article.

The latest example of this complex can be seen in the International Yoga Day(You may also like to read my article- Is Yog Communal Only in India). Why do we need to add an extra “A” to Yog? Its Yog and not Yoga! Although it may be argued quoting Shakespeare that what’s in a name but it can be deemed as we are christening the name to suit the west. YOG is not such a tough word that cannot be pronounced. And it is not exclusive to Yog. The same applies to Ram, Krishn, Ravan, Arjun, Shiv, Lakshman (Laxman) and thousands of other.

Even though the issue I am raising may look meagre, I believe somewhere we have that urge to get “certified” from abroad in many things. Just to fit in their shoes, we tend to speak polished English which we think is suitable for them. We consider ourselves more intellectuals when we do so. Unfortunately doing this we are trying to give others a key to drive something that we own. Did we changed the name of Alexander as it is not suited for us to pronounce that properly? Or Jalal ud-din Akbar for that matter. Names should be used as is until we have a short form or Aka.

Promoting and having International Yoga Day in place is an opportunity for us to be the Vishwaguru, or the World’s teacher. It should be an occasion for us to feel privileged that we are born in Bharat Bhoomi – the land which has the potential to be the world’s teacher. We need to have an aura of energy and confidence that we are a part of great culture. We may not need to suit others, the world is eager to learn our culture and values. We need to learn them ourselves and present them as is.