The Island of Mysterious Snake Jewel – Sindbad Story Part 5

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Sindbad told his another story while everyone was enjoying the food in golden saucers:

After one year and earning a great deal of money I came back to the home. I now built a huge bungalow and arranged all the items of luxury. But I hadn’t still forgotten my roots and my old friends. The captain was like father figure to me. So I also requested him to live with me as a father. Moreover he had become old and was not actively involved in any trade. Though he had earned a good wealth the drought in the region for last 1 year had obviously affected his wealth and he was not able to maintain a good lifestyle.

I was now living merrily as I had a father like captain whose wife used to take my care as a mother. I was wealthy enough to live a good affluent lifestyle and my voyages had made me a popular figure there. One day the captain expressed his desire to get me married. He had also talked to a few reputed families of the town. But I asked for some time to think it over. I spent 3 days for thinking intensely over the issue. I knew that marriage was a lifelong commitment and one should marry only if he is able to settle down and look after the affairs of the family, But the continuous journey had made me a vagabond and settling down with a wife or looking after children was something that required stability and I was not ready for it. So I declined. The captain and his wife were disappointed but somehow I managed to convince them. After sometime I thought of continuing my journey.


The last 3 journeys had been done by desert I wanted to experience a new kind of journey so I chose sea journey this time. But as always I wanted to combine the journey with business. So I looked for the best islands where I could sell something. One day while walking in the city market I saw a group of sailors who were buying many bales of different Items. It didn’t take me long to understand that they were interested in doing business. I approached them to join on their journey and they readily agreed in exchange if fees for lodging and travelling through their ships. That was acceptable to me. On an auspicious day we started the journey.

The journey of the ship was completely different than that of a desert. As opposed to the intense heat of the desert there was cool breeze flowing all day long. I could also see various kind of colorful sea birds. It was much more comfortable than desert. We used to halt at different islands and visit the local markets where we sold the items that we brought with use. We used to earn a great profit this way. Some part of the profit went into buying the unique and exquisite items available on those islands. Some of them were meant for reselling while some part was meant to be taken to the home as souvenir.

On the third day I saw the captain in a tense mood. I went to him and ask the reason upon which he told “I have spotted a huge ship at some distance with black and red flag that was the signature lag of most notorious sea pirate group: Bambooza! The group consists of some of the brightest minds and they are as intelligent as ruthless. Besides they are equipped with latest weapons. Two of my major concerns are, : first as I could spot them at some distance it is very likely that they should also have spotted us and secondly the only way of protecting ourselves from pirates is to veer the ship to the other direction bit it too is not safe as we could be lost in the vast sea. I only know the traditional trade routes”. He informed. It worried me but there was no other option I could find. On the fifth day towards the end of the first part of the night I heard a voice just on the deck. I saw through my window and spotted a huge arrow on the deck with a long cloth tied at the end of the arrow.

I woke up the captain and told him about the same. The captain came outside. We went down and saw that there was a huge arrow lying on the floor of the deck there was something written on the cloth. I could not understand the language and asked the captain to read and tell me. He told me that the pirates had sent us the warning as they are so sure of their skills that they first inform their victims of the attack and give them enough time to safeguard themselves. But till date none was able to take the advantage of the prior warning as the pirates were very fast and extremely intelligent in their approach. With tear in his eye he said “I am the captain of the ship and I feel very bad for all of you. Sorry friends. Now there is no use of keeping it a secret let us tell the other people of the ship. He woke up the other people and told them about the same. Everyone was shocked and they started praying. Some of them were so frightened that they wanted to embrace the waves of the sea rather than being caught by the pirates. But I encouraged the captain to use the best of his skills and take the ship to a safe place. At least we could try. I also reasoned that if we would not do anything then too we will be caught, so why not at least try. At last the captain agreed and he started veering the ship to the other direction. Just after a journey of 2 hours we saw the big pirate ship coming towards us at the full speed. We were worried for our lives but as if by a divine grace, all of a sudden a thunderous storm almost shattered the entire scene.

Our ship was oscillating in every direction, back and forth, left and right up and down. But I could remember only those 4-5 moments as we almost lost our consciousness for the rest of the time. There are bits of memories here and there: a broken deck, the water splashing all over the ship, huge waves of ocean coming towards us with full might and other scenes like that. At the end when I opened my eyes I could see all other members unconscious and lying down on a floor. I could not understand anything at first. It seemed as if I was missing an important bit of memory. So I started pressurizing my memory and the entire incident flashed in my mind.

Then I started waking up every person available on the ship. After waking up every one by sprinkling water I then allowed them to normalize before telling them the entire tale. We all were very happy that we were saved from pirates. But there was another problem, first the ship was totally wrecked and secondly there were no provision on the ship. But I realized that we were missing the most important thing. We did not know the location where we were now.

So I went outside and saw the surroundings. To my pleasant surprise the ship was on the shore. As I told everyone all the passengers became equally happy and they quickly went down. As we all were pleased we went down and stepped on the island but even as we kept walking ahead we could not see any sign of human population. There were no houses, no markets nor even the sight of any refuse or other item that could indicate the presence of human population. Now we got afraid and returned to the ship.

There we slept for some time and then woke up again. We were in an island and could not find any human being there. We were worried about the food and water. We all were over exerted and also feeling hungry and thirsty. All of a sudden something clicked my mind and I told them “Actually the tree under which we are sitting is full of delicious fruits. We also have many other such trees here. So why don’t we eat these fruits to satiate our hunger. Soon we started eating the fruits but only the ones that we could recognize like mangos, oranges, peach etc. I also saw a tree of watermelon and ate the same. It soon dawned on me that watermelon contained so much of water that eating it can to some extent satiate the thirst. I told the same to the other people and they also ate a good amount of watermelon. I also took out a good amount of watermelon juice using the new fine cloth that I had just brought. We all drank the juice and now we had almost found the perfect solution to our food and water supplements.

In the night we would sleep inside the ship and during the day we would look for the other ships to help us. But even after several weeks there was no sight of any ship till the miles. One day we were sitting on a rock when I saw some brown, round shaped thing on the ground. I took one of them and upon a little observing I found out that it was an egg. Such small eggs should belong to either an insect or a reptile I thought and tried to find the hint that could lead me to the place of the being to where the egg belonged. But even after much efforts I could not locate it. Soon I realized the mistake. The being to whom the egg belonged would surely come there. So all I had to do was to wait and bide for my time. Many hours passed but no one came. However I did not lose the hope and at the end it paid off. I saw a large cobra like snake coming there and sat on that egg as if hatching it. After some half an hour she left the place and went in the same direction where she came from.

With curiosity I followed it. The snake was slithering in a very slow motion at a leisurely speed so I had no problem following it. The snake had a considerable bigger head and had a multicolored body. I was also surprised to see that the snake was holding something in its mouth that it would keep on the ground guarded with its hood and would again go ahead. What kept me most intrigued was the fact that the thing was so lustrous that even the massive hood of the snake would become translucent due to the light of that item. My entire attention was on the snake and I could not see the surrounding while I was following it. Suddenly I felt that it was already dark and I could not see anything. So I stopped in my tracks. Just then I saw a deep, most intense light illuminating from the ground at some distance. The brightness of the light was hundred times more than the brightest diamonds. It was so powerful that my eyes started to pain. I had to close my eyes tightly to subdue the pain.

Then I started looking in the other direction. Now I was not directly looking into the direction of brightness but light was so intense that I could see the surrounding clearly. As I saw on the top something came to my mind. Actually it was not night bit I was in a cave, a dark cave. As I noticed, a snake just slithered near my feet, it was a snake. I was now worried about my life. To my astonishment I saw many small and big snakes on the ground. Luckily I was standing down a rock at the same time I climbed the rock and sat there. There were many other snakes on the ground and fortunately the rock where I was sitting was a glazed rock just like soap rock so the snakes could no climb there. To my greatest fear the entire ground was full of snakes slithering slowly. If I would have acted wisely I would have been safely staying in the company of my friends.

However the good thing as that the rock where I was sitting was sufficiently high and its walls were too slippery to be climbed up by the snakes. For a brief moment I forgot about the bright thing. However the bright light again caught my attention and I started looking into that direction. Now I could observe it more closely. I could not see it directly because of the immense brightness so I took off my turban to see through it. Even through the turban I could clearly see that bright thing. I could see the rays of different colors coming out from that thing. It was as big as an egg and had a rich, luxurious presence. I put some pressure on my head to understand what could it be and to my surprise I concluded that it was the thing that could make me immensely wealthy. It was the Mani, the jewel; produced by the snake. With great caution I spent the night.

In the morning I observed that all snakes went out of the cave. That was a great thing for me. I went down and took the Mani wrapped it around several times and went away with it. I went out of the cave and started finding my people. But I had lost the way. So after some time of finding I gave up. I was more afraid of being caught by the snakes. So I kept on running and hiding. As I was running I could see a fireplace on which a pot of rice was being cooked, Now this bamboozled me. From where this pot of rice came and who lit the fire in the jungle. As I was thinking all these questions I saw a group of people coming there. They were very short but equally stocky.

Instead of brown, whitish or pinkish they had a peach color complexion and by their countenance, face and wardrobe they seemed to be soldiers. They came up to me and in angry voice asked about the reason of being there. Though they were talking a different language, many words were similar to my own language. In frightened voice I told them the entire story except the Snake jewel. The leader of the soldiers showed me a ring and asked if I recognized it. I was extremely pleased the ring belonged to the captain of our ship. He told me that yesterday during the night when they landed here they saw some people boarding a ship. After greetings and general talk he told them that he was heading back to his country as he had found a ship going there but one of his friend is left here. They tried to find him but could not see him. He also gave me the ring and told his name. It was meant to ensure that you are the person he was talking about.

First I felt angry at Captain. How could he leave me in this uninhibited island, But later on I analyzed the situation and thought that there was no surety that I would be found and at least he did give his ring to these royal people to find me. And after all it was my mistake to leave my friends running behind the snake. As I talked with them I came to know that these soldiers belonged to a country Tairo an affluent country. They were sent by the king every year to take some precious thing that was found here only. However they declined to be more specific. But they were kind to me and took complete care. One day I saw all of them sitting with long faces upon asking I came to know that they were not able to find the thing they were looking for. The king was extremely attached to that thing and if the soldiers would go back without that thing he would be beside himself with rage. I asked them to tell me what thing they were talking of.

First they declined but when I convinced the, that if they would tell me about the thing I might help them they reluctantly agrees. “See, it is some kind of jewel that can be compared to 100 big sized diamonds of the brightest luster. The jewel in oval in shape just like an egg and is so bright that a person feels pain in his eyes if he looks at it for more than 2 moments. This jewel is mysteriously produced by snakes and guarded by them very jealously. They keep it in a nearby cave where they live. The king’s wife love the jewel very much. But after one year the brightness of the jewel is diminished so we have to come here every year to find a new jewel. A wide smile played on my face as I listened to them. Then I showed the snake jewel I had found. They were literally dancing with joy and thanked me very much then they took me along with themselves to their country. They went to the king and told him about.

The king was impressed and gave me many white pearls and semi precious stones in exchange of the snake jewel. He also arranged my trip to India and soon I was there in the street markets of India. There I came to know the Indian people’s love for the pearls and jewels. So I sold the gifted white pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones in India. The trip made me very wealthy.