Do we really need to exist?

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Dear readers fasten your seat belts and get ready to an ever remembering journey of your life time to deepest of your thoughts just for the world we live in.

So let’s start…..

Just imagine your house where it is, and just go back in time for some years say ten years. Ten years back your house would be in a younger stage maybe better in looking; and now go back ten more years in time how the house was? If your answer is a better in condition yes it would be, but did you even thought about the surroundings of it? Really, never did it? Yes most of us have never remembered our surrounding environments, okay without losing a moment just review the past years how the place have changed. Again most of the people who answered me this same question to me said the changes are in the population, inflation and some political enthusiasts even answered me the changes in political parties and leaders ruling us, but the fact I need to draw out the attention is how greener we have changed our surroundings? Again think it over. What the answer is we didn’t make it any greener? Yes mostly the same answer is expected from all who think over it is.

We are killing our mother earth.

The statement seems to be weird? If so you are one of the criminals because you do that crime directly or indirectly and don’t remember it or realize it.

Didn’t like accusing you in such a crime? Well in end of this little piece of stuff you will really realize what you and not only you but all WE are doing for something for which we are living on and depend on in everything except sunlight and air.


Before I start giving out evidences I will just clear you out a new meaning of the age old word we all use “SOCIETY”, a society is not a cluster of humans living together while depending on each others, but in true sense the whole system we call society depends on various many things outside the meaning of the same word which we usually understand. The society I say is made up of every life living on earth and everything on earth it may be living or non-living too and even the earth itself along with all the immense organs it has that is its minerals and all the bodies of water and rock clusters and all.

Getting back to same question how greenery has changed in our surroundings; if it has changed green congratulations you are true sons of the mother earth but if not think it over and try to change.

Past years have the most deforestation rates because we needed land for our utilities which cost thousands  per square feet and the timber costs hundreds  but have we ever remembered the tree is too a life, and it too has rights just as we humans has to live? It too has rights which it never claimed like us, we have many organizations seeing to our rights to live our nation’s government, human rights associations and many international organizations, but the poor trees didn’t claim. That could not be a reason for killing them for our own selfish needs.

What? Your mind is struggling to cope up with this idea? Or just thinking is the writer mad or what? Because mostly we think human is an ultimately supreme creature on this planet and can do everything for his needs even killing his other partner species that exist on this planet. Well if this is your condition then you are really going to end up contributing in the killing of our mother earth.

We humans are just as every other creature living on earth just as an amoeba, just as a wild animal roaming in search of its prey, just as a tree which stands majestically somewhere near you. We are merely shareholders of a firm which is the largest ever we have seen and each is a working partner who works for it and many others and gets only what it needs, but are we just acting like that? Is a serious question to think and maybe the harder to answer even.


Yes we are we have disturbed the whole ecosystem and the whole working system of the planet. If you are a believer in God for your understanding, human is going against the code how God have decided to run the system named under planet we are living.

In context of the above accusing the evidence I provide is that right under the place you are sitting was a tree majestically with its wide branches full of green leaves and some of the birds living over it and many hundred creatures depending over that very tree for many thing of just living, but we killed them and built a house and started living, the whole house of us must have had at least 2-3 trees with many hundreds lives over it but our house we have 4-5 members living.

This sole evidence won’t make you believe.

For those this the following things would really change the way you think.

Just imagine our planet how it is? No, don’t bring the image in your mind which astronauts take of our earth from thousands of kilometers from space because it becomes harder to make out what I am trying to attract your attention at, just zoom in that picture and come closer to earth, tons of concrete blocks aren’t there?

Okay now just clear all those buildings and imagine an earth with no human houses and other human buildings not even one all over the planet. Shocking it would be, many large patches of non green land all over planet will be visible; what it suggests is just we killed a large amount of ecosystem’s lives.

Who are we to kill them all? None gave us the rights all are alike. Just the extreme intellectual advancements in one of the creatures which was very down to its mother land ‘the planet’ changed into an supreme power which thinks it has the best things so has rights to suck out what it needs out of the place he lives, its none other than WE humans doing this we suck out the land, the minerals, water, pollute the air more than any other creature. One fine thing said by a sage I remember is “Human alone is a creature who lives so many years on the planet who don’t do any good to his surroundings but even disturbs it, even the cows give it milk to others and its excreta is useful in many ways and even a banana plant has every part of its edible or useful in at least a way” but how useful we have been to our mother earth? This question lies deep in reality you surely know the answer. This alone is not enough we have to start being socializing again, the way I say socializing isn’t giving our houses to grow trees but just start giving a little place in our house to the other shareholders of the planet.

The question now relies is not Do we need to exists doing this set of activities? but how we can start existing for million more years with other species having equal space and priorities for that we need to start living a new and improvised way.

It takes everyone’s efforts for this motive to get successful. It’s nearly now or never situation to the planet earth. Don’t let it go too far from getting it in good shape otherwise it’s just as burning our own houses while living inside it.

Think it over its not only concerned with deforestation but killing of many lives of many species on earth if this has given even of you a little change in your thinking towards the other species then I have succeeded penning this down.

May the mother of all the energies which drives the Universe be with us and we start loving all lives and the whole system we live on.